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Gold Plated Sprinkler Bathroom Set

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US $275 /  Piece
EUR €243,36
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Estimated Delivery Time: 7 to 14 Business Days
Product Code :   DS05
Trademark :  MYM
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 1 Piece
Sizes : 1200x370mm
Width :  370mm
Height :  1255mm
Stock Status :  14
Color :  Gold Yellow
Is there export? :  Yes
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Produced from healthy brass material. (No Lead)

Easy montage
Easy to Clean
Can be Cleaned with a Soft Soap to Ensure Brightness
Ceramic Disc Cartridge for Long Life Work
Complete Complete Set with Hot and Cold Water Hoses and Accessories
2 Year Warranty

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Warranty Terms for Faucet, Armature, Battery, Shower Set and Bathroom Accessories

The warranty period starts from the delivery date of the goods and is as follows.
All of the goods, including all parts of our company is covered by the warranty.
In case of malfunction of the goods within the warranty period, the time spent in the repair is added to the warranty period. The repair period of the goods is maximum 30 working days. This period starts from the date of notification to the service station of the malfunction of the goods, if there is no service station, to the seller, dealer, agent, representative, importer or manufacturer-producer of the goods. In the event that the defect of the goods cannot be remedied within 15 days, the manufacturer-importer or importer shall allocate another goods of similar nature to the consumer's use until the repair of the goods is completed.
In case of malfunction of the goods within the warranty period due to both material and workmanship and assembly errors, the labor cost, the replacement part price or any other name will be repaired without any charge.
Although the consumer uses the right to repair;

Within one year from the date of delivery to the consumer, within the determined warranty period; if the same fault occurs more than two repetitions or more than four different faults occur or more than six of the different faults in the specified warranty period, these faults keep the goods out of use,
Exceeding the maximum time required for repair,
In case the service station of the company does not have a service station, it should be determined that it is not possible to repair the defect in a report prepared by one of its vendor, dealer, agent representative importer or manufacturer-manufacturer.
In the case of consumer goods, free of charge, can be reimbursed for the price refund or price reduction. Malfunctions arising from the use of the product contrary to the instructions contained in the manual are not covered by the warranty. The Ministry of Industry and Trade may apply to the General Directorate of Protection of Consumers and Competition for problems related to the Guarantee Certificate.

Warranty Period
Faucet and Manual Operated Batteries: 2 (two) years
Electronically Controlled Batteries => Body and Chrome Plating: 2 (Two) years / Functional Parts: 2 (two) years
Thermostat Control (Thermostatic) Batteries: 2 (two) years
Valves: 2 (two) years
Shower Systems: 2 (two) years
Ancient Tumbling: 2 (two) years
Plastic products: 2 (two) years
PVD and Copper plated products: 2 (two) years
Non-Warranty Conditions
Problems arising from improper use of the installation and operating instructions.
Defects due to improper installation of the consumer, other than the wrong installation or authorized service.
Problems that may occur in pressure-controlled installations. (Water pressure regulator or hydrophore-free installations) * Ideal Installation Pressure Range: 3 reg4 Bar
If there is no filter faucet and filter, sand sludge etc. is not used. breakdowns caused by construction residues.
Damage caused by falling and impact during loading, transportation, unloading and installation.
Disorders that may occur on the surfaces of products remaining in construction areas for a long time.
Malfunctions caused by faulty and hard usage.
Problems caused by calcification and oxidation.
Deformations caused by the use of cleaners containing acid or abrasive.
Faults that may be caused by parts other than original spare parts.
Freezing hull body cartridge etc. parts.
Lack of approved warranty certificate or invoice.
Use of products outside the purpose.

"The Right of Withdrawal and Return Conditions shall be subject to the provisions of "Law on Protection of Consumers No. 6502" and "Regulation on Distance Sales"..
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The product to be returned or exchanged must be shipped with the cargo company we have contracted. You can contact us to get detailed information about the contracted cargo, all defective products will be subject to change and return right as a result of inspection.

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