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Return Policy

What should I do in case of cancellation, return and damage?




I canceled the order without my order being shipped, how many days will my money be returned?

For the refund process, you are processed by Marble Market on the same day. The average return period for banks is 3 days. At the end of these 3 days, if your funds still do not appear in your account; Please call Marble Market at +90 232 264 39 19 to inform us that no refund is possible. Your money will be deposited to your account within 5 days at the latest in the return of sales made by bank transfer.


Who do I need to contact when I give up any product / whole basket after making the payment on my website or by phone?

If this is the case, you can contact our customer representative by sending an email to or by calling +90 232 264 39 19 Marble Market. If your order has been paid and the products are not shipped, your order will be canceled immediately.


Can I cancel the order after the goods have been shipped?

It is not possible to make refunds unless the product is custom-made, according to the dimensions and information given by you, or the products produced as "Custom Order".
Some of our natural stone products, such as blasting mosaics, marble, natural stone, baths, and washbasins, are manufactured according to the order, except for products manufactured in electronic and fabricated batches or in stock, so that these products can be manufactured with incorrect, incomplete or different colors and dimensions. cannot be refunded unless produced.

In other cases, when your order is placed on cargo, the product selection and payment is made by you and all products have started with the cargo company, so our intervention has exceeded our limit. If you want to cancel the product after it has been shipped, the only action you can take is the return of the products in the order. You can immediately return the product from the officer who brought your cargo, and the cargo will be deducted from the payment.


You must call Marble Market on +90 232 264 39 19 to cancel your order. The only process you can do is to return the products if the products have been shipped. You can return your order immediately without receiving the product from the shipping agent. The product is returned to the customer in the case of refunds to the cargo. (Shipping cost is not refundable)





What are your return conditions? What kind of a return process do I need to follow?

You can return the product using your right to withdraw within 14 days after receiving non-special products. You must apply for a refund within 30 days to return the defective products or products that have failed to reach you in error. You can return the products you ordered from the internet directly at the door without taking delivery from the shipping personnel. If you call Marble Market at 0232 264 39 19 for returns after receiving the products, a suitable time will be determined and the products will be taken away from you.


What products do not qualify for withdrawal?

Custom-made products at the buyer's request, custom-made or modified
They are products which are not suitable for return.

All Natural Stone, Travertine, Marble, Marble and Natural Stone Washbasins, Kurnas, Floor and Wall Stones that you see on our website are produced "Order-Specific".

According to the Law on Protection of Consumers No. 6502, products that are produced under "Order-Specific" are not refunded. In some of the products, the possibility of exchange or refund can be done by customer satisfaction of Marble Market, but the shipping or shipping fees are not refunded in return, exchange transactions.


What is Customized Production?
All Natural Stone, Travertine, Marble, Marble and Natural Stone Washbasins, Kurnas, Floor and Wall Stones that you see on our website are produced "Order-Specific".
These products that you have ordered are produced according to the quantity, color and size you have given and these products cannot be returned. However, you can return the defective or defective products in case of production error, missing or different sizes. Please ask for a written confirmation mail or fax even when ordering by phone.



Return Terms;

> Customer must apply with all parts of the invoice, product and warranty certificate.

> Refunds must be accompanied by the original box or packaging.

> The right of return cannot be used for the products that are customized by making changes or additions.

> For the products which are not found as "user error (bad use)" as a result of the technical service review, if the customer wants, the product can be returned and returned. If the product is used in electronic products, a service report is needed.